the Star Island Bakery, located in a 150-year-old hotel 7 miles off the coast

a birthday cake for my Aunt Debbie

my co-bakers Harry and Abby working on cakes after getting a shipment of fruit in

a lemon curd tart with blueberries and sweet pastry crust

cake made for High Society

I burned my hand badly making this grasshopper (mint chocolate) pie

my recipe board for grasshopper pie

thirteen apple crumb pies I made for dinner service one night

happy birthday to willy wonka

strawberry cheesecake cupcakes and five pies made for a fake baby shower

my own 22nd birthday cake, which was an ugly disaster that I saved by pouring chocolate ganache over everything

banana split cupcakes piped with a French star tip

one of the fluffiest biscuits I ever made

two full sheet cakes in vanilla & chocolate

two freshly opened 25 lb boxes of chocolate chips

cinnamon buns waiting to be iced

Friday night challah

cake the morning after

Angela helping transport six 2-layer cakes

coconut cupcakes with coffee buttercream and toasted coconut

a chocolate chocolate birthday cake for my boss's wife

mashing bananas for banana bread

chocolate cake, vanilla frosting

vegan chocolate chip cookies from Ovenly's recipe

about 400 banana split cupcakes

lemond curd tart with blueberries

too much bread

a typical bread dough baby in the bakery

we ran out of one-pound blocks of butter on the island, so someone had to bring us sticks from the grocery store on the mainland

strawberry cheesecake cupcakes

candied citrus and flowers waiting to be put on a cake

fruit galettes from Tartine Bakery's recipe

chocolate cake, vanilla frosting

vanilla cake, lemon frosting

playing mancala with m&ms

blueberry-raspberry poptarts made from leftover pie dough

a double chocolate cake for my cousin's birthday

six-layer chocolate cake with coffee frosting

apple-honey challah rising

four birthday tarts for my friend Grace

sweet tart crust, chocolate ganache, whipped cream, strawberries

sweeping up spilled chocolate chips in the bakery

the hotel i worked in, in frosting

a birthday cake with apple pie cupcakes

box cake with frosting from a can

an apple tart

small chocolate-beet cupcakes

a tiny tiered cake for Miriam

Kevin in the bakery at sunset

cake basking in the sunlight

apple pie pre-bake

lemon cupcakes with blueberry frosting

vegan chocolate chip cookies

a vegan chocolate mousse pie with almond/oat crust

a six-layer chocolate birthday cake for Kevin

apple cupcakes with cream cheese frosting

pumpkin bread, banana crumb muffins, sourdough bread

sourdough rye hot pretzels

five layers of chocolate cake and six layers of vanilla

a blank canvas

chocolate cake with mocha frosting

coconut lime cupcakes w tequila frosting

a birthday cake for my grandpa

sourdough bagels, sourdough loaf, sourdough boule

the bakery at night