the Star Island Bakery, located in a 150-year-old hotel 7 miles off the coast

my co-bakers Harry and Abby working on cakes after getting a shipment of fruit in

a lemon curd tart with blueberries and sweet pastry crust

banana split cupcakes

two freshly opened 25 lb boxes of chocolate chips

Friday night challah

coconut cupcakes with coffee buttercream and toasted coconut

vegan chocolate chip cookies from Ovenly's recipe

about 400 banana split cupcakes

lemon curd tart with blueberries

a typical-sized bread dough in the bakery

strawberry cheesecake cupcakes

candied citrus and flowers waiting to be put on a cake

fruit galettes from Tartine Bakery's recipe

blueberry-raspberry poptarts made from leftover pie dough

six-layer chocolate cake with coffee frosting

apple-honey challah rising

sweet tart crust, chocolate ganache, whipped cream, strawberries

sweeping up spilled chocolate chips in the bakery

the hotel i worked in, in frosting

Kevin in the bakery at sunset

coconut lime cupcakes w tequila frosting

the bakery at night